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Field Service Automation - iServe

With real time access to business information, sales, service and maintenance, staff can rapidly reduce downtime and take advantage of every revenue-generating opportunity. 

They can address problems instantaneously, which helps prevent costly shutdowns. Order-entry becomes streamlined as to better satisfy customers on-site & achieve prompt fulfillment.

Your advantage? Saving time and money by eliminating unnecessary paperwork

  • Growing customer satisfaction
  • Increasing market visibility
  • Improving field representative productivity
  • Reducing labor & travel costs
  • Increasing first visit success rates
  • Optimizing the speed of cash flow cycles
  • Reducing inventory costs. Real-time visibility enables reduction in minimum stock levels for on-hand repair parts
  • Shortening repair cycles; lowering overall cost of service (access to client repair history)
  • Increasing sales while being updated with all available warranties, services & other products appropriate for your customers
  • Improving client service ratings through Real-Time scheduling for fleet/drivers

Focusing on the concept of providing high-tech services, together with a sincere commitment towards customer support.

Our mission is to help our clients make distinctive substantial and lasting improvements in their performance by delivering innovative yet practical solutions.


Partnership Types:

Zebra: Premier Solution Partner / ISV / Advanced RFID Specialist

SOTI: Business Partner

Navleb: Business Partner