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The acquisition of visibility into the supply chain provides you with the ability to skillfully and consistently ship perfect orders reduce inventory shrinkage, empower the sales force - accurate inventory visibility - and reduce carrying costs, by storing only needed products. By combining rugged mobile computers with industry-leading applications, BMB helps warehouse workers receive, put away, pick, pack, confirm and ship orders, with enough time left for value-added services

The Outcome?

  • Increasing employee productivity
  • Increasing efficiency in inventory control
  • Enabling RFID readers
  • Improving customer satisfaction with improved order picking accuracy, shipping and on-time deliveries
  • Managing inventory movements within the facility while ensuring quality control of your products
  • Increasing pick rates by minimizing out-of-stock occurrences through automated replenishment
  • Managing raw materials and tracking them into finished goods

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Our mission is to help our clients make distinctive substantial and lasting improvements in their performance by delivering innovative yet practical solutions.


Partnership Types:

Zebra: Premier Solution Partner / ISV / Advanced RFID Specialist

SOTI: Business Partner

Navleb: Business Partner